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The Chat - with Dan Murphy

Sep 12, 2019

Its difficult to put Duncan Casey in a box. He recently retired from a career in professional rugby where he played with Munster since 2013, and later with Grenoble in France. He is currently completing his masters in politics and is a member of the Social Democrats. He is a vocal advocate for the cause of the...

Jul 4, 2019

Michael Murray was Limerick state solicitor for 37 years. He is most noted for his work relating to the Limerick feuds, one of the bloodiest gang feuds in Irish history. 

We chatted about his role as state solicitor, and the feud that at one point saw Limerick to have the highest levels of gun crime in Europe. 

We also...

Apr 11, 2019

Pa Sheehy is frontman for Dingle band Walking on Cars. 'Colours' is the follow-up to their platinum debut album and it comes out on April 12th! 

Mar 29, 2019

Danny O'Reilly is frontman for Irish band The Coronas, who are one of the biggest acts to come out of Ireland in the last decade. Danny chatted candidly and honestly about many things - the rise of the band from the Irish music scene to the world stage, band dynamics and how to keep a group together, the creative...

Jan 18, 2019

Johnny Kiely is a retired international athlete and one of the most sought after strength & conditioning coaches in the world. He has worked with the Irish rugby team, numerous Olympic Athletes for UK Athletics, and more recently the Egyptian soccer team for the 2018 world cup. He is also a lecturer at the University...